NCTPG Officers 2015-2016

Robert Rohrbacher, Stanford University (Chair)

Renata Ewing, California Digital Library (Vice Chair, Chair Elect)

Nancy Bradford, Napa County Library (Treasurer)

Alissa Hafele, Stanford University (Secretary)

Justine Withers, University of San Francisco (Webmaster)

Hilary Thorsen, Stanford University (Past Chair)

2015 Annual Meeting recap

A great round of applause and much gratitude to our illuminating and entertaining speakers! This year, we took a look at the supply side of technical services: Where does the metadata for our resources come from? How can vendors and libraries work together to improve discoverability and access? And when something is not working, how can we productively solve the problem and strengthen our vendor relationships?

First, Chair Hilary Thorsen opened the 2015 meeting with a recap of our NCTPG history. While we have always focused on technical services, speakers have approached topics from various and surprising directions. Past meetings have even featured travelogues and practices from libraries abroad. A look back at the programs reflects our profession’s history, from wartime responsibilities to the many changes in technology and standards. We look forward to many more years of hearing from our colleagues.

Eli Windchy, VP, Consulting Services, at bepress is a history buff with a special interest in the Gold Rush. She likens searching through finding aids and citations to the meticulous sifting of rock to find valuable ore. Her work helping institutions build digital repositories means that users can go straight to the gold they want. In-house publishing and digital archives are making new demands on institutions. Windchy warns that “it doesn’t matter how beautiful a collection is if no one can find it.” Third-party tools can help smooth the process among all stakeholders and Windchy describes how she helps identify goals and best practices, and how to monitor and adjust as technology and needs change.

We all know Chronicle books for their creative topics and lush illustration. Phoung Mai, Metadata Coordinator, gave us the inside scoop on how those books and their attendant metadata come to be. Every book starts with an editor months or even years in advance. Metadata comes from many sources and changes many times up to and after it is delivered. Mai explains why the metadata does’ always match exactly the item in hand.

As electronic resources and databases become more complex, issues do the same. Linda Wobbe, Head, Collection Management, St. Mary’s College of California shared many inspiring examples of how she has worked with vendors to solve problems. She shows how to work up the chain and network to find the right source for answers, how to create new channels of communication, and, most importantly, how to strengthen relationships so that all parties benefit.

The NCTPG Steering Committee hopes you will be a part of planning our 2015/2016 events. What topics do you want to hear about? What projects and ideas would you like to share? NCTPG is for all technical services in all types of information institutions. Your suggestions and comments are always welcome. Feel free to send an email and attend our monthly planning meetings, beginning in the fall.

NCTPG Member Discounts for CLA Spring Fling 2015

Registration for the 2015 California Library Association Spring Fling is now open!

NCTPG members can get the reduced CLA rate of $75 for the RDA workshops and $35 for the webinar. If you attended the NCTPG Annual Meeting “Archives in the Digital Age” last year, you are an NCTPG member! Please contact the CLA office at to register at the member rate.

Call CLA to register to get the discounted rates.

Accidental or Born Technical Services Managers? 
Thursday, April 9, 2015 | 10:00AM – 11:30AM
Presented by the CLA Technical Services Interest Group

Basic Cataloging with RDA
Laney College, Oakland
Monday, April 20, 2015 | 8:30AM – 4:30PM
Presented by the CLA Technical Services Interest Group

Basic Cataloging with RDA
Charles E. Young Research Library, UCLA
Wednesday, May 13, 2015 | 8:30AM – 4:30PM
Presented by the CLA Technical Services Interest Group

NCTPG 2015 Annual Meeting

Production, Distribution, Access: Navigating the Confluence of Publishers, Vendors, and Libraries

78th NCTPG Annual Meeting

9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Friday, April 24, 2015

San Francisco Public Library Koret Auditorium

This year’s speakers:

AND a panel discussion moderated by Sarah Forzetting, Ordering and Fiscal Librarian, Stanford University

Register online to the attend the Annual Meeting!

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Save the date for our 2015 Annual Member Meeting!

Save the date! The NCTPG Annual Member Meeting will be held Friday, April 24, 2015 at San Francisco Public Library Main.

Our theme this year is Production, Distribution, Access: Navigating the Confluence of Publishers, Vendors, and Libraries.

Speakers on the topic will be:

Please mark your calendars. Further meeting details will be coming soon.

NCTPG/OCLC Linked Data Event

Please join NCTPG and OCLC for a special Linked Data event at the San Francisco Public Library!

This event will be in addition to our Annual Meeting in the spring.

Library Data [R]evolution:
Applying Linked Data Concepts

Tuesday, February 10, 2015, 9:30 am – 3:00 pm
San Francisco Public Library

(Portions of this event will be live-streamed for virtual participants)

Archived footage and slides from the event


In recent years, libraries have made increasing explorations into applying linked data concepts to library metadata. Hear leaders from OCLC and the Library of Congress share insights into the evolving metadata landscape. Learn about two libraries’ active pursuit of linked data projects using BIBFRAME and standards, and see how linked data is changing workflows and consumption of library data. Later, join us for an OCLC update and in-depth discussion on the current and future directions of OCLC cataloging and metadata services.


(Note: The morning session will be live-streamed and open to virtual participants.)

9:00: Registration and refreshments for in-person attendees

9:30: The Metadata Landscape and Putting Metadata to Work

Sally McCallum, Chief, Network Development/MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress
Ted Fons, Executive Director, Data Services and WorldCat Quality Management, OCLC
Carl Stahmer, Director of Digital Scholarship, University of California, Davis Library
Kenning Arlitsch, Dean, Montana State University Library

11:30: Panel discussion, with questions from in-person and online attendees, moderated by Roy Tennant, Senior Program Officer, OCLC Research

12:30: Lunch, hosted by OCLC

1:30: OCLC Update, Eric Forte, OCLC Member Services Liaison

2:00: OCLC Cataloging and Metadata strategy, services and discussion

3:00: Adjourn

Register to attend


San Francisco Public Library
100 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102