2023 NCTPG Annual Meeting

Beyond the stacks: Embracing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Library Technical Services.

Wednesday, May 24 · 10am – 2pm PDT

Central Park Library, City of Santa Clara 2635 Homestead Road Santa Clara, CA 95051

Regular member $25.00 and student $10.00 (membership fee and lunch included)

This year’s annual program we are delighted to have Patty Wong, past ALA President and City Librarian at Santa Clara City Library, as the keynote speaker. Attendees will be guided to explore the importance of embracing these values in library technical services, specifically in the areas of collection development, subject heading analysis, descriptive metadata for navigation, assistive technology, training, leadership, and applying these principles in library operations.

Patty will begin by defining what equity, diversity, and inclusion mean and why they are crucial in creating a welcoming and inclusive library environment. We will explore the challenges that can arise in library technical services when these values are not taken into account and the negative impact this can have on library users.

The speaker will discuss practical strategies for promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in library technical services. We will look at ways to diversify collections and ensure that subject headings and descriptive metadata are inclusive and respectful. We will also explore ways to incorporate assistive technology to ensure that all library users have equal access to resources and services.

In addition, Patty will share her perspectives on training and leadership in promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in library technical services. How we look at ways to ensure that staff are trained to be aware of and responsive to the needs of diverse library users, with a focus on the importance of leadership in creating a culture of inclusivity and equity within the library.

Attendees will hear examples of libraries that have successfully implemented equity, diversity, and inclusion in their technical services and share resources for further learning and implementation. The takeaway for everyone is to get a deeper understanding of the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion in library technical services, and practical strategies for implementing these values in their own libraries.

Breakout group discussions:

Following the keynote, we will be offering two discussion tracks that will be rotated throughout the event. Registered attendees will have the opportunity to communicate and collaborate on topics via a Google sheet prior to the event. One track will focus on library technology and cover the following topics:

  • ILS management issues and solutions
  • ILS migration planning and execution
  • New technology trial and deployment
  • Trends in library technology

The other track will be on technical services of the following topics:

  • Technical services issues and solutions
  • Vendor services and relations in technical services
  • Best practice in technical services
  • Trends in technical services

We cordially invite library professionals, paraprofessionals, students currently enrolled in a library school program, and anyone interested in technical processes at libraries and archives to attend our annual meeting and program.

Additionally, we are seeking individuals to join our board for the upcoming year. To be nominated and serve, a membership standing is required. The registration fee for the annual program includes both membership and lunch. After completing registration, a Google form will be provided for self-nomination.

We are excited to meet you soon and welcome any questions you may have.

NCTPG Board and program committee


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