Check out the ideas your technical processing predecessors were considering at NCTPG’s early programs!

NCTPG used to be called Northern California Regional Group of Catalogers. We’ve uncovered records from the archives that will give you some insights into the issues, challenges, and revelations that our librarian forebears were grappling with during past NCTPG programs:


NCTPG Program Topics 1937-1963

1953 NCTPG Annual Program

1954 NCTPG Annual Program

1957 NCTPG Annual Program

1963 NCTPG Annual Program

1968 NCTPG Annual Program

1975 NCTPG Annual Program

1983 NCTPG Annual Program

2008 NCTPG Annual Program

2010 NCTPG Annual Program

2012 NCTPG Annual Program

2013 NCTPG Annual Program

2014 NCTPG Annual Program

2015 NCTPG Annual Program


2012-2013 Officers: Jeffrey Jackson, Kathryn Stine, Greg Borman, Elise Wong, Cindy Zwies


Jane Rosario, Greg Borman, Cindy Zwies


Margaret Hughes, Jeffrey Jackson, Dana Jemison


2008-2009 Officers: Roy Ortopan, Aimee Algier, Jeffrey Jackson, Margaret Hughes, 
Dana Jemison, Jean Dickinson, Debbie Benrubi


Jenn Riley (Indiana University), Günter Waibel (OCLC), Mary Elings (UC Berkeley)


Günter Waibel of OCLC and Tim Spalding of LibraryThing at our 2010 Annual
Meeting at the San Francisco Public Library


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