NCTPG Officers 2021-2022

The NCTPG election of officers 2021-2022 ended October 14 and the election results are affirmed:

Yu-Lan Chou, Santa Clara City Library (Chair 2021-2022, Past Chair 2022-2023)

Kalvin Van Gaasbeck, Santa Clara University (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect 2021-2022, Chair 2022-2023)

Swetta Abeyta, Saint Mary’s College of California (Past Chair 2021-2022, Chair 2019-2020/2020-2021)

Deirdre Stretton, TIND (Webmaster, 2-year appointment, 2021-2023)

Rod Lawlor, SJSU MARA program student (Treasurer, 2-year appointment, 2021-2023)

Angela Brindle, Saint Mary’s College of California (Secretary, 1-year appointment, 2021-2022)

Wen-ying Lu, Santa Clara University (Member-at-Large, 1-year appointment, 2021-2022)

Brian Schumacher, University of San Francisco (Member-at-Large, 1-year appointment, 2021-2022)

NCTPG Officers 2018-2019

Rice Majors, UC Davis (Chair)

Swetta Abeyta, St. Mary’s College (Vice Chair/Chair Elect)

Sarah Spindle, Contra Costa County Public (Secretary)

Fabiola Hernandez, University of San Francisco (Treasurer)

Anders Lyon, University of San Francisco (Webmaster)

Justine Withers, University of San Francisco (Past Chair)

Suzette Caneda, Stanford (Member at Large)

Prema Desai, Stanford (Member at Large)

Stella Tang, UC Berkeley (Member at Large)

Emily Koster, Contra Costa County Public (Member at Large)

Susan Boone, UC San Francisco (Member at Large)

Brenda Carrillo, University of the Pacific (Member at Large)

Michelle Polchow, UC Davis (Member at Large)

NCTPG Officers 2017-2018

Rice Majors, Santa Clara University (Chair)

Justine Withers, University of San Francisco (Past Co-Chair)

Renata Ewing, California Digital Library (Past Co-Chair)

Erin Lybrand, California Law Library (Secretary)

Michelle Paquette, Stanford (Treasurer)

Sarah Spindle, Contra Costa County Library (Webmaster)

Renee Bu, Alameda County Library (Planning Committee/Member-At-Large)


NCTPG Officers 2016-2017

Justine Withers, University of San Francisco (Co-Chair)

Renata Ewing, California Digital Library (Co-Chair)

Robert Rohrbacher, Stanford University (Past Chair)

Shelley Bodamer, Santa Cruz Public Libraries (Vice Chair, Chair Elect)

Erin Lybrand, University of San Francisco (Secretary)

Michelle Paquette, Stanford University (Treasurer)

Diane Cowen, Santa Cruz Public Libraries (Webmaster/Social Media)

NCTPG recruiting officers for 2016/2017

Are you in the Northern California area and interested in getting involved with your local Technical Services group?

NCTPG is looking for officers for the 2016/2017 year!

Duties include planning the annual meeting (theme, speakers, logistics) and other programs as desired.

We hope to have wide representation on our steering committee from acquisitions, metadata, and preservation from all types of institutions.

The committee usually meets once a month from September through May, with regular email communication. Remote attendance to meetings is possible.  We are looking for the following positions. A two year commitment is preferred.

  • Webmaster
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Vice Chair

If you are interested or have any questions please contact 2015-2016 Chair,Robert Rohrbacher at

NCTPG Officers 2015-2016

Robert Rohrbacher, Stanford University (Chair)

Renata Ewing, California Digital Library (Vice Chair, Chair Elect)

Nancy Bradford, Napa County Library (Treasurer)

Alissa Hafele, Stanford University (Secretary)

Justine Withers, University of San Francisco (Webmaster)

Hilary Thorsen, Stanford University (Past Chair)